Meet She


Mason. 24. Arkansas-Native. Caffeine Addict. Apparel Enthusiast. Non-Morning Person. Quintessential Over-Thinker.

Hello, Beautiful

Welcome to All for She– an inclusive fashion + lifestyle blog. I don’t think of myself as a model or a fashion icon. I’m just the girl-next-door who likes cool clothes + overdressing. I want to share what works for me in hopes it works for you too + makes you feel your best.

Why a blog?

I know what you’re thinking… Another fashion/lifestyle blog? Grrreat… How many more of those do we need right? Well, it’s different here. For starters, I’m from a small town in Arkansas (different already, right?) I’m not rich or well-known. I’m not here to flaunt things I have. I’m here to tell you what works for someone like me. Someone who’s kinda sorta broke, kinda sorta pale, and kinda sorta trying to figure life out. So here it is folks, from me to you—enjoy All for She!


Feedback is welcomed– tell me what you want to see next!