16 Best Beauty Products Under $20

These are 16 of my tried + true beauty products from my local drugstore. Most of the items on this list are sitting in my bathroom right now + are used on a daily basis. Some of the products are new to me, but ones that I will definitely be buying again + keeping in my daily beauty routine.

16 is obviously a random number. 20 Products Under $20 would’ve sounded a lot better. BUT I was starting to put random products I have tried on the list and not products I truly love + use over and over again. I wanted the authenticity to be there, and not just make a list go up to 20 products to have a catchy title. I truly love every single one of these products + think they are some of the best of the best.

One thing I love to do is mix high-end products that I love with more affordable products that are just as good. Click on the images or head to your local drugstore to purchase!

SOO AE Sleeping Mask | $3

I am not the kind of person to be diligent enough to have a set “skincare routine” every. single. night. Nuh huh, not gonna happen. This little mask was perfect for me because all I had to do was wash my face, put it on, and go to sleep. That’s it! Just rinsed it off with warm water in the morning. So so easy. AND, the package actually lasted for three masks. Not just one! That’s like $0.84 a mask…….

Jergens Wet Skin Natural Glow | $9

This stuff WORKS + is probably my favorite product on this list. It is so easy to apply, AND you don’t have to wait for it to dry to wrap up in your towel. Self-tanners/spray tans tend to make me smell like I haven’t showered in days, but this has little to no smell + it doesn’t react with my skin to make me stink. Win win for everyone.

L’Oreal Collagen Moisturizer | $9

As someone with oily-prone skin, finding a moisturizer light enough to use day + night is HARD. But ladies, I’ve found it. The cream has good coverage but doesn’t feel like you’ve got product caked on. And we can all use a little help with wrinkles amiright?? Been using the heck out of this product since I got it.

e.l.f. Perfect Finish Powder | $6

Mattifying powder is a must for me with my oily prone skin. I will say that sometimes this powder makes me look like I have a white dusting over my face but that quickly goes away a few minutes after application once the product starts getting absorbed.

Bioré Pore Strips | $7

Gonna be honest, these are not the most amazing things I’ve ever used. BUT, they still made the list because I think they’re pretty good for just being pore strips. This product does work on blackheads to some extent. And I think they’re awesome to use with other blackhead treatments as well.

Hard Candy Primer | $8

Possibly one of the best primers I have ever used. The lightweight formula is what sold me. It feels like it covers my face but not like I’m layering on a ton of product. Buy it now.

Not Your Mother’s Texture Spray | $10

I’ve used this texturizing spray for about two years. I literally bought four bottles of it at once because I am so obsessed.


Masqueology 24k Gold Eye Gel | $10

As I get older, I’ve noticed when I wake up in the morning I look like holy hell. Using these bad boys the night before definitely helps a sista out. There are 15 pairs of eye masks in the tin + a small spatula to help with application. I noticed it helped with puffiness and discoloration under my eyes.


Real Techniques Blender Sponge | $5

This is my best friend. And this is one of those products you will keep in your makeup rotation trust me. Easy to use + easy to clean. You need one too.

Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara | $7

I’ve tried hundreds of mascaras in my short life. Hundreds. Maybelline has created the best drugstore mascara. I really think it’s all in the wand– it’s not a brush with bristles, its plastic teeth that separate the lashes. This wand evenly coats the lash with mascara, too. What more do you need?

Freeman Beauty Charcoal Sugar Mask | $4

Yeah only $4 for this big ol’ thing of charcoal mask. My skin always feels so polished and smooth after using this product. AND it doubles as a mask + a sugar scrub. Does it get any better than that? No, no it doesn’t.



Biosilk Silk Therapy | $20

This is the most expensive item I splurge on at the drugstore. But I will tell you, this stuff lasts foreverrrrr. I literally had one bottle for about a year and a half. So totally worth the little splurge. Especially when you compare it to similar, more expensive products. Plus it smells amazing.

Maybelline Liquid Eyeliner | $6

This exact eyeliner has been in my makeup bag for close to six years. SIX YEARS I’ve used this stuff. It’s the perfect liquid eyeliner. The sponge is thin, precise, and soft. I’ve tried different eyeliners and most of them feel like I’m putting it on with a poke-y twig. No thank ya. This is it, folks. You’ve now found the holy grail of liquid eyeliners.

L’Oreal Pure Clay Mask | $10 

Masks are all the rage right now. I’ve been looking for one that is easy to apply + easy to take off (we’ve all seen those horror stories of mask removals gone wrong…) L’Oreal’s clay mask is one of my new favorite products on the market. There is no special process to putting the mask on. All you have to do is dip your fingers in the pot and spread evenly over your face, let the mask sit for 15-20 minutes, then rinse off with warm water using circular motions to act as a scrub. Love love love this one.

Aussie Freeze Hair Spray | $4

Hands-down my favorite hair spray of all time. My hair is naturally blahhh– not curly, not straight, just there. So it’s always just doing its own thing. The freeze spray makes my unruly hair hold its style. This hair spray holds up in the Arkansas humidity. So that should tell ya all you need to know right there.

Masqueology Gold Mask | $3

Honestly, not the easiest mask to put on, but the results are worth it. This mask has the same consistency as the eye gel masks, so it’s like a rubbery kind of mask. The mask comes in two parts: one for the top half of your face + one for the bottom half of your face. Once you figure out the putting on process, the rest is super easy. Just relax with the mask on for 20 minutes, peel mask off, and rub excess product into your skin. Made my skin soft + rehydrated. And it smells AMAZING. Actually really really love this mask.

Leave a comment below + let me know how you like some of these products! ♥