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Shady Lady | Ottica Review

Is it just me or do shades make the outfit? My obsession with eyewear is getting out of control. But thanks to Ottica, I can afford my addiction.

Ottica offers a hand-picked variety of affordable eyeglasses + sunglasses for men + women. The brands are the best of the best when it comes to quality– from Ray-Ban to Tory Burch to Versace. This company uses the “less is more” approach by offering a carefully curated selection of the leading trends + brands in the eyewear world.

The cool thing about Ottica is they realize shopping for glasses online can be pretty scary. They offer multiple tools to give you peace of mind. The virtual try-on is a game changer– all you have to do is upload your photo to “try on” your fave glasses. Easyyyyy.


Not only does Ottica have a wide selection of brand name mens + womens frames, but the company also offers affordable prescription lenses. I’ve never had prescription sunglasses before but knew I definitely needed some. Putting in my prescription was suuuuper easy. There are three options for inputting your prescription: enter your numbers manually, upload a picture of your prescription from your doctor, or send over your prescription later after purchasing. Three options that will work for anyone.

Customizing your lenses to fit you is what Ottica does best– from choosing the thickness of your lenses to upgrading your coverage (each pair comes with a year of money-back guarantee coverage.) If you’re checking out the sunnies, there are even more ways to customize your new lenses. You can choose from adding different tinted shades, polarized lenses, or mirrored lenses.

Ottica also offers free shipping + free returns on all U.S. orders! And don’t forget to join the Ottica Club for 50% off all lenses on your first pair.

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Next time you’re searching for shades or glasses that won’t break the bank + will be unique to you– head over to Ottica to customize your eyewear!