Brand Spotlight

Product Review: LimeLight by Alcone

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all seen a million and one posts about people selling LimeLight.

I know it gets old seeing all these products that will “change your life” and that these people swear by. BUT I have been so impressed with LimeLight.

One of my friends from my Miss Arkansas days reached out to me about joining her team to sell LimeLight. I trusted her opinion on LimeLight, but between a full-time job and a blog, I just didn’t feel like I could give 110% to this incredible company. So Morgan and I decided to team up and work together to bring an honest, unbiased perspective on the products to you!


Botanical Foundation 

Finding your perfect foundation shade is made easy with a foundation quiz. Morgan sent me a link and I followed the prompts to get the best shade of foundation for me. Easy peezy. The Botanical Foundation is wax-based, meaning it has a waxier texture than most foundations. For even application, warming up the foundation by rubbing it works best. I will say, I have normal to oily skin and it really helped me to use a primer before putting on the foundation and spraying with a setting spray after. That helped me control shine with this foundation. LimeLight has their own primer spray and setting spray that I’ve heard nothing but good things about. I can’t wait to try those products next!


Waterproof Complete Concealer

Uhhh yeah you read that right… WATERPROOF. The concealer is also wax-based like the foundation, so to apply it evenly warming the concealer up is a must. At first I had problems with the concealer getting wedged in my fine lines under my eyes, but again, with a good primer and setting spray all was well! I got a cute little palette that holds my foundation, light concealer, and dark concealer all in one package. It’s like a custom palette built just for me! Not to mention incredibly easy to use.

Perfect Bronzer

Okay this just might be my favorite bronzer EVER. There is only one bronzer. Yep. Just one. But the cool thing is that this bronzer is buildable. That means you can apply more or less depending on your skin tone. A little goes a longgg way with this baby. This bronzer is 50% pigmented, so you don’t have to use as much to achieve the look you want! Less product used means it lasts longer and when it lasts longer you save money. It’s just a win-win situation over here.

Perfect Eyeshadows

The name says it all… These shadows are also 50% pigmented so a little dab will do it! I picked out Cream Boat and Ashin’ for Trouble which are the quintessential everyday shades for me. And the eyeshadows stay on really well!

Signature Lip Gloss

I’ve never been much of a lip gloss kinda girl but after one use I instantly knew this would be a new staple. The texture isn’t too sticky and it goes on smoothly. I got the Signature Lip Gloss in Peace and it is a great coral-y nude that goes with just about everything– a great everyday lip.


LimeLight knows what they’re doing, y’all. The products are great quality with beautiful packaging, it’s affordable, and will last you quite awhile. Not to mention they’re cruelty-free too! To contact Morgan, click on the following picture and send her a message! You will not be disappointed!