Outfit Ideas

Warning: Contains G R A P H I C Content

FUN FACT: I dressed up as Michael Jackson in the fourth grade (white glove and all) and had a VHS of his greatest music videos that I watched religiously. And I still have MJ Fever to this day.

Two of my all-time favorite songs, Man in the Mirror and Black or White, taught me some really important lessons at a young age that are still relevant today. Oh, and can’t forget P.Y.T! Like if you’ve never listened to these songs, YOU NEED TO. They’re life-changing!!! I digress.

I purchased my tee from one of my FAVORITE local boutiques, Steamroller Blues (@steamrollerblues.) But you can also find it here.

Levi’s are making a comeback and I’VE NEVER BEEN HAPPIER. Praise. I love a good pair of Levi’s. For my fellow short-legged gals, I didn’t have to cut these off at all! Win-win. You can shop them here.

Yep, you read that right. My shoes are from Target and I love them. You just can’t beat the price of these babies. Check ’em out here.

The name had me hooked hahahaha. These sunnies are good quality and a great price. They also come with a hard sunglasses case. Yes ma’am. Lookie here.

I bought this wicker bag for $2. Yes, I’m so serious. And it ROCKS. Oh and I had to write a check for $2 because I didn’t have any cash……..about died from embarrassment.

If you read last week’s post, you know I’m crushing on cool graphics for spring. Most people are ready for floral prints and bright colors but you’ll find me in a killer concert tee and distressed denim. I’ve rounded up some of my new favorites– from self-deprecating sayings to vintage-inspired concert tees… So here we go–

Stoned Immaculate “Feminist Tee” – $98

WILDFOX “Girls Gone Mild” Tee – $64

Private Party “Lover” Tee – $52

Mate the Label “Boys Boys Boys” Tee – $72

Camp Collection “Feelin’ Good” Tee – $48

Sugarhigh Lovestoned “Itty Bitty Tittie Committee” Tee – $76

AMO “Tomboy” Graphic Tee – $105

Daydreamer “World’s Greatest” Tee – $55

Midnight Rider “Tom Petty Bumper Sticker” Tee – $60

Daydreamer “Queen” Tee – $52

Midnight Rider “Mercedes Benz” Tee – $60

Junk Food “The Who” Tee – $45

Zara “Star Print” Tee – $13

Stoned Immaculate “Daisy Retro” Tee – $59

Kenzo “Allover Eyes” Tee – $160

Z Supply “The Camo Pocket” Tee – $38

Project Social “Tie Dye Yin-Yang” Tee – $34

I love finding sayings that describe me perfectly, band tees of concerts I would have loved to attend, and easy allover prints that go with just about anything. Graphic tees are a fun way to show your personality through your clothes. Have fun showing off your personal style, girl!