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The Wrap Dress– Updating a Classic


I’ve been scared to wear certain trends. There. I said it. As someone who is from a small town and always worries about what people think of me, being true to myself and my style is a constant struggle.

I was with my best friend, Melissa, the other day and she complimented my shoes. My first words were an excuse. I said, “I know they’re weird.” Then caught myself and followed with, “But I like them.” She said, “Weird is good, I like weird.” And you know what, she’s right. Weird IS good. Being different is cool. Being unapologetically yourself is refreshing.

It’s hard to be who you are in a world that is full of judgement (especially the “fashion” world.) But you know what?

If you like it, wear it.

How Do You Wear That

 The Dress

Most all of us have a least one wrap dress in our closets– they’re easy and flattering. The classic wrap dress can easily be updated with killer booties and fresh accessories. And the best part is, most wrap dresses can be styled open as a duster over your fave top and jeans! Double duty win. 

The Boots

If you haven’t already, invest in ankle booties. They’re an easy way to make your wrap dress edgier. And you’ll be able to transition them into spring and summer with sundresses and shorts. Holla. 


The Accessories

Layer layer layer. I always wear as many accessories as I possibly can. It helps make an outfit look put together and detail oriented– from a hat, to necklaces, to rings. My favorite thing to do is mix metals, mix vintage and new pieces, and mix high-end with low-end. Don’t be afraid to wear your grandmother’s Tiger Eye ring with some sweet midi rings and a Yurman. I love all these pieces so when I can wear multiple, you bet I will. 

Refreshing your wardrobe staples is easy so don’t get rid of classic pieces like a wrap dress. Find accessories you love and add them to your everyday outfits to make them not-so-average!



Photography by: @mclainstalker