Brand Spotlight

Brand Spotlight | Rodan + Fields

We all know at least one person who is selling Rodan + Fields– their Facebook and Instagram posts sound almost too good to be true. But let me tell you, this stuff WORKS.

Like a lot of people, I had heard about Rodan + Fields through the grapevine but never knew much about it. A dear friend of mine reached out to me about trying some products, and I jumped at the chance. I wanted to see if all the good things I’d been hearing were really true. I pride myself in giving you all honest feedback about products I’ve tried and this is no exception.

As someone who doesn’t really even have a “skincare regimen,” Rodan + Fields’ products are super easy to understand and use. I was a little worried at first about remembering to use the products daily, but they’re extremely user-friendly and essentially a no-brainer. AND Rodan + Fields is cruelty-free too!



Microdermabrasion Paste

One of the best scrubs I have ever used is this paste. It is gritty but soft at the same time, smells fresh, and makes my skin feel squeaky clean and smooth. Apply this on clean, makeup-free, dry skin. It can also be used to scrub dry skin off lips. Then you just rinse with cold water. Easy peezy.

Night Renewing Serum

Talk about soft skin…. These little capsules are life-changing. It’s hard to describe the texture of the serum– feels like a thick moisturizer, but goes on so lightly and absorbs into the skin quickly. I don’t think that description even does it justice. Let’s be real, it feels like butter. I applied this all over my face after using the paste.


Lip Renewing Serum

My lips get so dry and flaky in the winter, chapstick doesn’t even cut it. But this Lip Renewing Serum does (**praise hands.) After using the Microdermabrasion Paste on my lips to scrub off any dry skin, I apply a little of the lip serum from the capsule all over my lips before I go to sleep. And I can feel a difference in my lip texture when I wake up. This stuff rocks.


Multi-Function Eye Cream

Just recently I started noticing small wrinkles under my eyes where my concealer would clump up. Like what, I’m 23 years old why do I have wrinkles. Never fear, this eye cream is here to save the day. I have only been using the eye cream for two weeks and can’t wait to see even more results from it. I apply this under my eyes and around the outside corner of my eye (for crow’s feet) after the night renewing serum.


Lash Boost

Where do I start. It’s been two weeks since I started using Lash Boost and I can already tell a difference! I will be giving you all updates on my lashes every two weeks– be sure to follow me on Instagram to see my progress.


Without + with mascara



Without + with mascara



Special thanks to Lisa Felts for giving me the chance to try Rodan + Fields! Want to try out your own skincare routine? Email with the code “ALLFORSHE20” to receive 20% off your purchase! Or visit her website,, to check out some other amazing products!